Periodic check / maintenance

Maintenance of a lightning protection system is essential. The reason is that some components may have a decreasing efficiency during time because of corrosion, bad weather, shocks and lightning strokes.

When a periodic check reveals failures in the lightning protection system, it is advisable to cure it as soon as possible in order to maintain the optimal efficiency of this system.



The status of the lightning safety devices in the installations must be periodically checked ; the period between checks is defined by the standards.

This check has also to be carried out when work has been performed on the buildings and on protected or nearby structures, which may have damaged the lightning protection system ; it must also been done after any lightning impact noticed on these buildings.


Check of existing protections

Protection against the direct impacts
  • Protections status check (various lightning conductors.)
  • Check of the protected zones (protection radius)
  • Measurement of the earth electrodes
  • Check of the interconnections

Protection againts the indirect impacts
  • Check of the direct lightning protections (lightning rods, etc.)
  • Check of connections
  • Continuity check of cable shelves
  • Check of the absence of loop surface on roof
  • Check of the equipotential bonding



A report is provided to the customer after each site check.