Engineerig on an existing site or project

We offer you :

  • an objective analysis
  • a field experience
  • an advice for the choice of the protection systems
  • assistance for the implementation of protection solutions
  • a total confidentiality

Lightning protection engineering is carried out in accordance with the applicable standards.

Parameters taken into account in the engineering :

  • risks of direct lightning strokes on a structure
  • indirect effects of the lightning stroke : Electromagnetic field, rising of ground potential, overvoltages

Engineering includes

  • Analysis and check of existing protections
  • Analysis of the structures and simulation of impacts
  • Analysis of the networks
    Electrical network, telephone, data-processing, fire detection, access control; radio, etc
  • Analysis of the ground and mass networks, and of the equipotentialities ( E.M.C).
  • Analysis of the lightning risk according to standards
  • Comparison of the results between the calculative method and the field analysis.
  • Conclusion and research of solutions
  • Realization of the estimated budget of work
  • Realization of the books of specifications

Project management (option)