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  High or low-voltage Surge Protective Devices (SPD)

High energy SPD
medium energy SPD
pre-wired SPD boxes

Antennas : radios, satellite, TV, microwave beams.
Lightning arresters for the protection of antennas
UHF VHF, N, BNC, F, 7/9 etc.
Ground connection kits.

Telecommunication lines
SPD for the protection of analog or digital networks

Data processing, alarms, access control
SPD fitting with to the transmitted signals
    Protection of satellite antennas  
    Lightning conductors
Lightning rods, Lightning protection system (LPS), flat or round cables, fasteners, fixing supports, manhole opening, etc...

Aluminothermic welding
Mouls and cartridges fitting to the supports and the wires.

Uninterruptible power supplies

Lightning strokes detectors

Solar panels

Electric equipments

Measuring instruments
  Lightning conductor on pylon